Dental Implants, Implant Dentistry Napa Ca

Dental implants are raising the quality of lives and are one of the greatest achievements in modern dentistry. Dr. Wahle offers a wide spectrum of affordable dental services including dental implants. Whether missing one tooth, or all of their teeth, Dr. Wahle provides excellent affordable solutions for all patients. Dental Implants can provide the satisfaction, appearance, and functionality that natural teeth provide.
A dental implant is basically a substitute or replacement for a missing tooth's root. The implant is surgically placed into either the upper or lower bone where eventually the implant is fused with the bone and integrated into the mouth. The implant serves as a substitute for a tooth root. Dr. Wahle will then create a customized prosthetic tooth based on your individual bite and cosmetic demands.

The healing of dental implants for almost all of our patients is very manageable and most have little to no disruptions in their daily lives. The healing process may cause minor soreness, swelling, and bleeding which can easily be treated with over the counter medicine. The total healing process can take from 4-6 months depending on how many implants you receive, although experience tells us that most patients experience little discomfort after the implant is placed.



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