Dental Crowns, Porcelain Crowns, Tooth Colored Crowns

When teeth are cracked, fractured, broken or weakened by wear and decay, Dr. Wahle can create crowns to restore their natural look and function. Dental crowns help seal off your teeth so they are not subject to further damage. Dental crowns can be constructed out of gold or porcelain. Both of these assure many years of wear. Porcelain crowns offer a more natural look as opposed to gold crowns. Although we often still place gold crowns in certain areas of the mouth, newer generations of strong porcelain crowns are being introduced into the market which enable us to place porcelain crowns with increasing confidence in a wide variety of situations.


The Filling Process

Dr. Wahle will restore your tooth by first cleaning and removing any decay or damage from the tooth.  We then use special dyes to stain the inner portion of the tooth where decay may remain. Once the decay is carefully removed, the tooth is generally restored with a white composite filling. The dyes used in this process do not affect the natural look of the final restoration


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The Benefits of tooth colored crowns

Porcelain is used for dental crowns because of the similarities of the color it shares with natural teeth. The bond that the porcelain crown makes with your tooth makes them strong and provides them with good support. Porcelain crowns can also have an aesthetic effect by covering cracks in teeth or chipped teeth.



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