Dental Bridges

When a tooth is missing there is a space left in the spot where the tooth was removed or lost. This can cause the remaining teeth around the space to shift as time goes on. A dental bridge can help solve this problem because it takes the place of a missing tooth. It can be applied for aesthetic reasons or functional reasons, so that chewing food is easier. If a dental bridge or a similar dental appliance is not applied to the space it may lead to problems such as bite discrepancies or TMJ. Dr. Wahle can help you weigh your options and decide what path to take with your specific problem.


Dental Bridge

Bridge installation process

To place a dental bridge, the first step is to prepare the tooth or teeth on which the bridge will be placed. Then Dr. Wahle will create a customized bridge to fit inside the space. If you were to decide to go with a tooth-colored/porcelain bridge, we would utilize the latest technology in order to match the porcelain to your natural teeth as accurately as possible. After the bridge is created in the dental lab we will use a bonding agent to fit it into place.